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Welcome and thank you for visiting my website homegardeninginfo.com

About Me

I am passionate about nature. I think nature provides serenity, beauty, and calm. I feel, being in nature reduces stress and increases pleasant feelings.
In fact, because of my passion for mother nature, I quit my job as Project Manager from a big MNC and did full-fledged farming for three years though I had to come back due to family commitments.

My hobbies are gardening, painting, and drawing.

Below are some of my artwork.

Apple water color painting
Lion Pencil art
Skull pencil art
Wolf water color panting
Horse pencil art
Water glass pencil shading

My Goal

Through my website homegardeninginfo.com, I want to bring you the best information on indoor and outdoor gardening, gardening tools, dealing with pests, plant diseases, fertilizers, composting, grow bags, and much more. I assure you that the information provided through this website will be after I do thorough research and analysis.