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Bay laurel (Laurelus Nobilis ) from the plant family Laurel(Lauraceae) is an evergreen shrub or tree native to the Mediterranean region.

Bay laurel, also called the Bay tree, is cultivated in many regions of the world for its aromatic leaves.

Apart from being used as an herb in cooking, Bay laurel is grown as an ornamental plant. This slow-growing tree has a smooth leather dark green color and glossy leaves.

Anise hyssop (Agastache foeniculum) is a perennial plant known for its medicinal values and ability to attract pollinators.

Native Americans used it medicinally for cough, fevers, wounds, diarrhea.

Its anise-scented leaves are used in salads, jellies, and teas.

It is useful in borders, wildflower gardens, herb gardens, butterfly gardens, and meadows. It can also be an excellent addition to containers.