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Hoya Krimson queen care

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Hoya carnosa krimson queen care
Image: Crocus.co.uk

Hoya Krimson queen care is easy, provided it gets good bright indirect light and well-drained soil. Since it is prone to root rot, water them only when the soil surface is dry. Also, try to maintain high humidity.

Let us dive deep and understand their cultural requirements in detail.

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All about hoya krimson queen plant

Hoya krimson queen plant, also called Hoya carnosa Tricolor is a cultivar of Hoya carnosa. This perennial epiphyte is one of the easiest plants to grow.

Hoya krimson queen is sought after by gardeners because of its colorful foliage and beautiful star-shaped blooms.

The leaves of this semi-succulent plant have waxy dark green leaves with creamy white variegation along the edges. The new growth has pink shades. 

Some of the leaves are completely white (creamy white). Usually, the krimson queen is only tricolored when it grows new pink leaves.

Hoya carnosa krimson queen is an ideal choice for a trellis, high shelf, or hanging baskets.

Hoya krimson queen watering

Watering hoya crimson queen is a bit tricky. You should not be over water or underwater. Its roots are sensitive and are prone to root rot. This plant likes to dry out between watering. Water once a week is fine, but before watering, see that the top 2 inches of soil feel dry to touch.

Hoya krimson queen light requirements

Hoya krimson plants thrive best in bright indirect or filtered sunlight. This plant may lose its variegations if it doesn’t get enough light. So, you see that it gets bright indirect sunlight to ensure its variegations are maintained.

It is observed that the crimson queen plant produces blooms when it gets enough light.

Temperature requirements of hoya krimson

Hoya krimson requires temperatures between 60 °F to 86 °F. Temperature drops can impact the plant so try to maintain the required temperature. 

Hoya krimson queen soil requirements

Hoya krimson queen needs well-drained soil. Use a potting mix that allows for good air circulation around the roots.

You can add perlite and peat moss to the potting mix. 

Hoya krimson queen flower

If the hoya Krimson queen gets proper light and watering, it produces beautiful clusters of small light pink to pale white star-shaped flowers.

Don’t expect it produces flowers from the first year of purchase. It might take 2-3 years for blooms to appear, provided it gets all its cultural requirements. The hoya krimson queen flower lasts for several weeks.

Hoya krimson queen flowers have a sweet fragrance.

Never remove the peduncles (blossom stems/ stalks) as new buds will reoccur again from the same peduncles.

How to propagate hoya krimson queen

  • You can propagate hoya krimson queen through cuttings. 
  • It can be rooted in water (more success rate) or any substrate (well-drained soil).
  • Take a healthy cutting with two to three leaves and place it in the desired medium.
  • It takes about 6-8 weeks to propagate.
  • Make sure the cutting gets a very bright indirect light during rooting.

Repotting hoya krimson queen

Hoya krimson queen plant likes to be root bound.

You can transplant to the new pot only if the plant gets root or plant it outgrown. You don’t have to repot frequently even the newly purchased plant from a nursery.

At the time of repotting, make sure the new pot is wider that has drainage holes.

Are hoya krimson queen prone to pests?

Hoya krimson queen plants are prone to mealybugs. 

To get rid of mealybug, you may simply wipe these off with a damp cloth, or dab it with cotton-drenched rubbing alcohol.

Hoya krimson queen yellow leaves

If your hoya krimson queen leaves are turning yellow, it is an indication that your plant is being underwatered or overwatered.

For confirmation, you can lift the pot and check if it is heavy or if you touch the soil and you feel it is soggy even after few days of watering, then you can consider repotting the plant and add fresh soil.

If you observe that the top layer of soil is too dry, it indicates you are underwatering.

If the leave is turning white, it signifies that the plant is getting less light.

Is Hoya krimson queen toxic?

Hoya krimson queen plant produces a white, milky sap that is mildly toxic. If ingested, it can cause stomach discomfort and vomiting.

Although it has been classified as non-toxic to pets, it is better to keep it away from them.

Difference between Hoya krimson queen and Hoya krimson princess?

Krimson Queen Hoya (Hoya carnosa ‘Tricolor’) and Krimson Princess Hoya (Hoya carnosa ‘Rubra’) are both cultivars of Hoya carnosa. 

The main difference between Hoya Krimson queen and Princess is, Krimson Princess has creamy leaves with a green margin, and Krimson Queen has green leaves with a white margin.

Some of the leaves of Krimson queen are completely creamy white.

Krimson queen grows a lot faster, and Krimson Princess takes a lot longer to grow. Leafs of Krimson Princess are thicker and waxy compared to queen.

Krimson Princess has pinkish stems.